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CNC-engraved dies

The advantage of CNC (computer numerical control) engraving is the ability to have full control of the cutting depth. High-speed spindles and specialised cutters combined with our experience enable us to achieve the effects our clients demand. The tooling we produce is primarily engraved into brass, aluminium, copper, magnesium or cast iron. Our tooling includes 3D embossing and de-bossing blocks, combination foil and embossing blocks, branding dies, mould cavity inserts and hot stamp cylinders.

Uniflex® flexible foiling plates

Packtech Tooling is a licensed manufacturer of the patented Uniflex® system which produces flexible hot stamping dies. Uniflex dies combine convenience and affordability with superior hot foil stamping precision and performance. These flexible copper dies have steel backings that are securely held onto heated magnetic cylinders for quick and easy changeovers. This makes UniFlex® ideal for short and long job runs. UniFlex® dies are easy to ship and store.

Chemically etched dies

Packtech Tooling offers quality process engraving, which is a cost-effective way of producing foiling, embossing and de-bossing blocks. We etch into magnesium and copper, offering foil blocks, embossing and de-bossing blocks, cavities, spark eroding dies and letterpress printing plates.

Foiling and embossing rotary cylinders

We are a preferred supplier of rotary embossing tools, which are used primarily in the picture frame manufacturing industry. We export all over the world and do most of the local embossing wheels in South Africa. All our rotary tools are CNC cut and engraved on brass, aluminium or steel to offer our clients application-specific materials. Our CNC equipment is fitted with a forth axis enabling us to engrave on cylinders or rounded surfaces. Engraved brass cylinders are used mainly in the narrow web printing industry for hot stamp foiling. The cylinders come in various tooth sizes and web widths with driving gear in steel or brass.

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Cutting and creasing dies

Packtech Tooling uses sophisticated CAD software and a precision CNC laser cutter to produce high-tolerance multiple-up cutting and creasing dies for carton making. We use only the best quality imported Russian birch wood and steel rules to ensure consistency and accuracy. We are a leading supplier of high-speed Bobst tooling in South Africa, specialising in male and female stripping and blanking tools, and conventional cutting and creasing dies. All our dies are laser burnt.

General engineering, repairs and maintenance

We provide general engineering in metal and alloy fabrication and repairs on all printing machines. Our qualified engineers undertake on-site repairs and maintenance as well as design and fabrication of products such as strip-gluing machines, surface gluing machines and rewind and unwind airshafts to suit customer requirements.

Workshop machinery and equipment used in fabrication include hand and power tools, Mig and Tig welding machines, band saw and profile cutting, horizontal milling machines, lathe work in micro precision, bending and folding equipment, full CNC milling services with rotary cutting, cylindrical grinding, full quality measuring facility and flat surface grinding.


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We design templates for and make mock-ups or samples of creative, product-specific packaging. Graphic designers can then design the look and feel of these templates based on the client’s requirements and corporate identity. Clients can e-mail designs and files to speed up processes.Some heading